Litchard Cover – Damage, Theft & Loss Waiver



Step into a new era of worry-free equipment hires with Litchard Cover – your ultimate Short Term Hired Insurance and Damage & Loss Waiver. This optional solution has been crafted to empower you, our valued customers, with unparalleled protection, ensuring a seamless, secure and worry-free hiring experience.



In the dynamic world of equipment hires, uncertainties lurk around every corner. All costs related to damages to the equipment during transportation, usage or storage are covered subject to the Liability Excess Amount, the HAE Hire Agreement terms and conditions, and the mentioned exclusions. Whether it’s the risk of theft, the unforeseen challenge of fire, or the possibility of accidental damage, Litchard Cover gives you peace of mind throughout your hire period.



Embark on worry-free hires for just 20% of the equipment hire charge. This small investment ensures comprehensive coverage, allowing you to focus on your project without the stress of potential financial setbacks.

Cover is compulsory on certain high value equipment for customers without a pre-agreed account.


Liability Excess Amount

10% of repair or replacement value will be apply in the event of damage, theft or loss. (subject to a maximum fee of £500)



  • Damage, theft or loss of the equipment due to wilful act, neglect & misuse including failure to clean and conduct routine maintenance as per instructions.
  • Damage, theft or loss to the equipment due to fraud or dishonesty by the hirer, their employees or family members.
  • Damage, theft or loss of the equipment due to inadequate safe storage. Equipment must be secured under lock and key and may only be placed on a trailer during transport. Rubber tyres and/or punctures. Unexplained Losses or malicious damage – all incidents must be reported to the Police and supported by a crime reference number within 48 hours of occurring.
  • Damage caused by chemical spills, paint, concrete, masonry (or similar) spillage or overspray. Damage, theft or loss arising outside of the United Kingdom.
  • Damage, theft or loss if the property is hired by you to another hirer (unless declared and agreed in advance). Terrorism, Pollution, Nuclear Contamination, War.
  • Damage, theft and loss resulting from a breach by the Customer of any terms of the Contract (HAE Conditions for Hire and Sale of Goods to Consumers and Business).


Rules & Procedures

  • In the event of damage, theft or loss the Liability Excess Amount will apply.
  • Where the loss involves theft or malicious damage, the Police must be notified and the hirer must supply Litchard Tool Hire with the crime reference number within 48 hours of the occurrence. The customer must also preserve any damaged property that may be useful or necessary as evidence.
  • Waivers are invalid where customers fail to pay the Hire charges, Damage, Theft & Loss Waiver charges and Liability Excess in full. This includes keeping all credit account facilities within payment terms.
  • At the point of discovery of damage, theft or loss to the hired equipment the hirer must immediately notify Litchard Tool Hire with full details.
  • Please note that Litchard Cover is not an insurance product or service.
  • Litchard Cover may not be available in some circumstances.
  • Litchard Cover ceases at the end of the hire period (or when hire charge payments have lapsed).
  • Litchard Cover waiver does not apply to any liability for death, injury, loss or damage to other property arising from the use of the equipment and such matters remain the responsibility of the hirer under section 13 of our terms and conditions.


Opting Out

Opting out of Litchard Cover means taking on full liability, as per the Hire Association Europe (HAE) terms. However, the choice is yours, and we’re here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.